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we support you to improve your communication

We craft compelling web content tailored to the needs and goals of your NGO.

We set up and optimize social media channels while providing expert guidance on maximizing their potential.

We write articles, press releases, project reports & newsletters, in several languages.

We facilitate translations that bridge language barriers, across English, Spanish, French and German.


we support you to launch a fundraising campaign

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Together we fine-tune fundraising strategies and improve visibility through personalized and visually captivating project pages on fundraising platforms.

We run impactful digital fundraising campaigns on Social Media.

We provide guidance how to effortlessly and effectively nurture and expand donor connections.

We support through creative storytelling to effectively stir donors’ emotions and inspire them to take action.


we foster a sustainable work environment and project implementation

We show you how to practice environmental consciousness and minimize your ecological footprint.

We guide you how to foster transparency while showcasing the outcomes of your projects.

Together, we contribute to a more responsible and impactful approach to global challenges.

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