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let’s move to community-led change

We firmly believe that projects implemented by community-led NGOs have the greatest impact on improving livelihoods and ensuring sustainability.

NGOs operating on the ground possess a profound understanding of the challenges in their community and their environment. They work diligently and solution-oriented to tackle these issues effectively.

However, many community-based NGOs struggle to secure funding for their projects.

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We are convinced that private online donations raised through international fundraising platforms have a huge potential but this opportunity is not leveraged effectively enough by many community-led NGOs.

This is primarily due to the lack of financial and human resources, as well as limited awareness of this fundraising option.

Our mission is to accelerate community-led change by empowering NGOs to tap into this valuable source for fundraising.

why community-led NGOs?

Community-led NGOs are driven and led by the very community they serve!

What sets them apart from non-community-led NGOs is their intimate understanding of the community’s needs, which enables them to be more effective and solution-focused. The community places a high level of trust in the NGO and cultivates strong relationships with the NGO team. 

NGOs operating within the community are subject to a higher degree of accountability compared to those originating from outside the community. Their self-determination grants them greater autonomy and reduces their dependence on government or commercial interests.

This local asset not only empowers the community but also facilitates decision-making that aligns with the specific local needs of the community.

Read more about community-led NGOs.

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We aim to set an example as a sustainable partner

Green Energy

avinjo’s electricity is 100% from renewable sources. We advocate for green electricity in your country and help you to become CO2 neutral.

Sustainable Bank

Our business bank account is with a sustainable bank.

The bank funds projects in fields like education, renewable energy, disability care, housing, and sustainable living. Not funded are, among others, alcohol, nuclear energy, arms, tobacco, child labor, and animal testing.

Sustainable Website

Our website is 100% CO2 free and hosted with green electricity, contributing to a greener digital ecosystem. Sustainable hosting provider power their data centers and servers with renewable energy, ensure energy efficiency, and offset their carbon emissions. Learn more about the Environmental Impact of Digital Platforms.

We advocate for sustainable hosting providers and help you to change your provider.

Check your web page carbon footprint here.

Co2 free Mobility

Our primary work is online, which is why remote work not only conserves significant energy but also eliminates the need for international travel.

However, we compensate the CO2 footprint of any (inter-)national travels by car or plane. Here you can compensate easily.

Learn more about CO2 compensation. 

1 Tree for 1 Campaign

One crucial measure to counteract the effects of climate change is tree planting for CO2 compensation.

We plant one tree for each fundraising campaign with our cooperation partners. Everytime we publish a campaign, we will plant a tree. Check out where we plant trees here.

Sustainablity Strategy

We support you to develop and implement a Sustainability Strategy for your NGO.

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