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start a fundraising campaign

Step 1 : Get in touch

As a non-profit, we have to meet certain requirements to fundraise for you. That is why we ask you to check what documents we need from you before contacting us.

Step 2 : Sign a Cooperation Agreement

Once we have jointly decided to collaborate, we will sign a cooperation agreement for your fundraising campaign. This requirement stems from the regulations of the public financial authority in Germany, which ensures that the donations we collect are genuinely directed toward your cause.

The fundraising campaign always has a fixed duration of six months. Following this period, we will no longer actively promote your campaign. However, the project page will remain online for an additional six months, extending the total duration of our cooperation to one year. Of course, we are open to initiate new fundraising campaigns for either the same or other projects afterwards.

Step 3 : Start Your Fundraising Campaign

Welcome Meeting

Our first interaction will be a virtual meeting where we aim to better understand your NGO. We will then discuss the specific projects for which you intend to raise funds and explore your overarching objectives. Additionally, we will introduce our NGO, the fundraising platforms we work with, and provide a comprehensive explanation of the entire process.

Fundraising Platform

Once we have decided on the project to fundraise for, we will craft an engaging project page on the fundraising platform(s), complete with a detailed project description, accompanied by photos and videos. If your NGO lacks a video, don’t worry; we will assist you in creating a short introductory video.

You don’t have to worry about any due diligence from the fundraising platform, as we will handle all communication and inquiries on your behalf. Throughout the campaign, we will diligently compile reports on the use of the funds within the project. These reports will be submitted to the fundraising platforms. Moreover, we will manage all communication with donors.

Website Content Creation

Once the fundraising campaign is launched on the fundraising platform, we will further support in enhancing your website’s overall content. Our goal is to booster your website, enabling potential donors to gain a comprehensive understanding of your work. Project reports, newsletters, annual reports, blog entries, team and board member profiles, photo and video galleries are all crucial pieces of information that many donors seek to build trust. The amount and type of the content we create for your NGO will be determined during our initial virtual meeting, taking into account your existing website content.

Social Media Campaign

For the first six months after the launch of your project on the fundraising platform, we will continuously generate content for your social media channels. This content will include posts related to the project we’re fundraising for, as well as general updates about your NGO. We will also actively monitor and evaluate the campaign’s performance, providing insights into which content garners more attention and engagement.

Step 4 : Receive Your Donations

Hooray – you raised donations!

We will transfer the donations to your NGO bank account after 3 months during the campaign and then again after 6 months when the campaign ended. 

Being a non-profit organization just like you, we also rely on donations to sustain our mission. Thus, to cover our operational expenses, we charge a nominal fee of 15% of the total amount collected on the fundraising platform. This fee also includes international bank transaction fees, which can range from 2% to 5%, depending on the country we are sending the money to. We deduct the 15% from the donations received before transfering the money to your bank account. 

Be assured that the nominal fee is only applicable once you have successfully received donations via the fundraising platform. We do not charge you anything, if you have not raised any money!

It is important to note that fundraising platforms impose additional costs in the form of operating fees, which typically range from 3% to 15%. These fees are completely independent of our NGO’s operations and activities. These fees are deducted directly from the donations by the fundraising platform before they are paid out to our bank account. 

We will provide more comprehensive information during our first virtual meeting. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.