Frequently Asked Questions

What does avinjo do?

avinjo is dedicated to fostering community-level development! We empower community-based NGOs in the Global South by facilitating funding for their specific project needs.

Our primary goal is to enhance self-determination, ensuring long-term and sustainable funding solutions. We provide guidance in tailoring fundraising strategies and conducting effective fundraising campaigns on renowned platforms.

Which documents does avinjo require from your NGO?

  • A legally approved founding document, not being older than 3 years old, and containing a description of the non-profit purposes and how they are to be achieved
  • An activity report of the last 3 years
  • A financial report of the last 3 years, containing the income and expenses of your NGO
  • Proof of a legally valid bank account in the name of the NGO

How do I receive the donations?

Upon reaching a mutual decision to collaborate, a formal cooperation contract will be established. This contract will explicitly outline our commitment to ensuring the seamless transfer of donations directly to your designated bank account upon their receipt. Kindly reach out to us for further details regarding the contract terms and conditions.

What is avinjo's long-term goal?

With our support, NGOs open up new avenues for sustainable funding.

This enhanced financial support will allow them to carry out their projects more effectively and consistently, reaching more beneficiaries and making a significant difference in their lives. With stronger fundraising capabilities, community-based NGOs will become more self-reliant, less dependent on external funding sources, and better equipped to address ongoing challenges faced by their communities.

The knowledge and experience gained through our expert consulting will equip these NGOs with valuable skills to improve their fundraising practices for the long term.

How much does it cost?

Being a non-profit organization, we rely on donations to sustain our mission. Thus, to offset our operational expenses, a nominal fee is necessary. This fee is only applicable once we have successfully raised donations via the fundraising platform. We do not charge you anything if we have not received donations. 

How is avinjo sustainable?

Where comes the name avinjo from?

avinjo means grandmother in Esperanto.

Esperanto is the world’s most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language.

We dedicate avinjo to grandmother Fueruzan, who was an extraordinary role model for many migrant children from Turkey.

She spent her whole life fighting for children’s and women’s rights.