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You still have questions before donating?

What does avinjo do?

avinjo is dedicated to fostering community-level development! We empower community-led NGOs in the Global South by facilitating funding for their specific project needs.

Our primary goal is to enhance self-determination, ensuring long-term and sustainable funding solutions. We provide guidance in tailoring fundraising strategies and conducting effective fundraising campaigns on renowned platforms.

What is avinjo's long-term goal?

With our support, NGOs open up new avenues for sustainable funding.

This enhanced financial support will allow them to carry out their projects more effectively and consistently, reaching more beneficiaries and making a significant difference in their lives. With stronger fundraising capabilities, community-led NGOs will become more self-reliant, less dependent on external funding sources, and better equipped to address ongoing challenges faced by their communities.

The knowledge and experience gained through our expert consulting will equip these NGOs with valuable skills to improve their fundraising practices for the long term.

How is avinjo sustainable?

How does avinjo finance itself?

We are a non-profit organization and depend on donations. Our primary sources of funding come from donations to our NGO and a commission from the donations we raise for our NGO partners. If you are interested to support our work, we highly appreciate your donation!

Who assesses the NGOs?

We build bridges between international NGOs and donors worldwide. To do this, we select NGOs from around the world that we want to support with fundraising.

We conduct comprehensive examinations of the organizations we support, ensuring that all the NGOs we are working with are dedicated to a charitable cause.

According to German law, we also have to ensure that the NGOs provide all the necessary documents for the German authorities: foundation document, non-profit status on the registration certificate, financial reports and project reports. We handle reporting obligations to German financial authorities and ensure that the donations are used appropriately.

How can I contact avinjo?

We are always happy to hear from you! If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email us at