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If you are looking for a way to support NGOs worldwide, giving money is not the only way to get involved. While NGOs always appreciate financial contributions, you can also support the impact-driven projects of our partner NGOs by donating your time and talent!

You can connect with NGOs from around the world and explore their impactful projects, all from the comfort of your own couch.

With online-volunteering, you have the opportunity to tackle local challenges in any country you choose, using any device and from anywhere in the world.

By volunteering with community-led NGOs, you also become an integral part of the community.

With your online engagement, you can decide if you want to complete a one-time task or support your favorite NGO on a regular basis. This way, you stay flexible if you are short on time for a volunteer committment.

You can do your online volunteer work with NGOs working in these fields:

Nutrition & Poverty

Education & Youth

Environment & Wildlife

Climate Protection

Political Activism

Human Rights



Animal Welfare

Disaster Relief

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I volunteer for international NGOs?

Local communities and commuity-led organizations are on the forefront. Their collective efforts on the ground will determine whether or not we can secure a sustainable future on our planet because it is mostly at the local level where the SDGs are turned into action.

With your support, community-led NGOs can outsource some of the important tasks and focus on their important projects on the ground.


Can I get a proof of my voluntary work?

We will be happy to issue a certificate for your voluntary work, which you can use for example for your applications.


Do I have to committ to one NGO at a time?

No, you can choose between all our NGO partners that offer online volunteer work. You can volunteer for different NGOs at the same time or stick with your favorite NGO. It is all up to you!


How much time should I have for volunteering?

You are free to decide, whether you want to volunteer only once, once a week or once a month.

It totally depends on the task that you will individually discuss with the NGO.

Don’t worry if you do not have much time: There are so many tasks that you can easily do during lunch break or while commuting. 


What type of online work would I do as a volunteer?

There are all types of tasks, NGOs need support with. These are just a few examples:

Social Media:

– Setting up/Optimizing Social Media Presence
– Developing Social Media Strategy

Public Relations:

– Branding & communication
– Email Marketing
– Video production
– Creating website content (editorial support)
– Event planning

Graphic Design:

– Creating a Logo
– Designing a brochure, flyer, poster, banner
– Photo editing
– Creating illustrations, presentations or infographics

Website & Web Development

– Develop a New Website Concept
– Create New Web Design
– Website Development


As a volunteer, how can I be sure that the NGOs are all reputable?

We carefully check all NGOs we are working with before offering volunteer work. In order to become our partner, the NGOs have to provide all the necessary documents for the German authorities: foundation document, non-profit status on the registration certificate, financial reports and project reports. This way we make sure that all the NGOs we are working with are dedicated to a charitable cause.


Can I also volunteer in the country?

As an online-volunteer, you can only support our NGO partners remotely. 


Do I need a specific qualification?

Our NGO partners require assistance in various areas, and you can make a valuable contribution with your unique skills, passions, and talents. No specific background is required.


What is a supporting member?

As a supporting member, you can benefit of our growing community and network. We are currently working on the release of the avinjo academy, where members will have free access to educational programs in the future.

Please contact us for more information on membership fees and benefits.